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Our Toronto Connection

We are both members of the Toronto Real Estate Board, as well as the Quinte Board. These memberships give us full access to all of the listings in both areas and allow us to keep up-to-date on both markets.

A large segment of the business we do in The County is driven by this connection. Laurie worked in Toronto real estate for thirty years and was well-connected to agents and brokers all over the city. After moving here, we were fortunate to be referred business by those agents whenever they had clients looking for properties in The County. Those referrals continue And we love meeting new clients and take great pleasure in introducing them to everything we love about this place.

All of our local listings are also posted on the Toronto Board and are available to urban agents of all brokerages. This has been a major driver of our success, and continues to be. As well, the same listings are available to all Chestnut Park agents in each of our offices. Again, this has led to many referrals of clients looking to invest in Prince Edward County.

Let us use these great connections to help you buy or sell. For us, it would be a pleasure!

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